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Krashenka, an Easter egg, is the best gift for Easter

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Easter eggs – edible decoration for holiday table. Easter eggs – edible decoration for holiday table. Photo: Olena Yanykh.

By religious tradition Easter eggs should be colored on Holy Thursday. And on Holy Saturday people bring Easter bread and eggs to the church to consecrate them.

Krashenka , or a colored egg, is one of many types of colored eggs made for Easter or Holy Trinity. Each type has own unique decorative painting.

Historically Easter eggs were painted red, the color of blood. Egg is a symbol of the beginning of life. Krashenka was believed to have protective features.

Nowadays Easter eggs could be painted in every imaginable color. Standard process of making krashenka is very easy. It does not require many ingredients or additional tools. The easiest way to make krashenka is to boil eggs with onions husk. Eggs made this way can get different shades from yellow to brown.

Even if your family is not too big and you don’t consume many onions, you’ll still have anough onion husk to paint eggs if start collecting onion husk in advance, let’s say, a month before Easter.

These days, many stores sell various stickers, wrappers, stamps, etc. You can find anything to help you to make beautiful krashenka for your holiday table.

Wrappers are an easy way to decorate eggs, in the hot water they simply envelope the egg. Read more about the process and also about how to fight with krashenka.


Eggs – as many as you need

Onion husk – a small bag

For decoration:

thin tights or socks

scrumptious leaves, grass or flowers

а thread


It is very easy to paint eggs with onion husk. Tranfer onion husks in a tall pot and add some water (cold water would be just fine). How much water you need depends on how many eggs you are going to cook. When you add eggs they should be completely covered with water so the whole surfaсe of the egg shell is painted and the eggs are fully cooked.

easter eggs red or brown ukraine curiousua com photo olena yanykh

If the goal is just to paint white eggs into red or brown, it’s enough to bring water with onion husk to a boil and carefully add eggs. Depending on amount of onion husk the color of the eggs will be dark or light.

If the goal is to add some pictures to the egg shell, there will be a couple extra steps. Cut the tights, thread and get the flowers or leaves ready.

easter eggs with flowers ukraine curiousua com photo olena yanykh

easter eggs with leaves ukraine curiousua com photo olena yanykh

Put a leaf or a flower on an uncooked egg, wrap it with a piece of tight and fix it with a thread on one side or you might find it more conveinient to fix it at two opposite sides, it’s up to you.

uncooked easter eggs ukraine curiousua com photo olena yanykh

Add eggs to the boiling water and boil until fully cooked.

cooked easter eggs ukraine curiousua com photo olena yanykh

Cooked eggs transfer to cool off to a dark napkin or a paper towel because they might leave a dark spot underneath.

fully cooked easter eggs ukraine curiousua com photo olena yanykh

Peices of tights and leaves need to be removed off the eggs while they are still warm. If you let the eggs to cool off completely, leaves will stick to the egg shell and it would be very hard to remove them.

easter eggs ukraine with onions husk curiousua com photo olena yanykh

If you decide to use the plastic wrapper, you can either leave them white, or color eggs first and then wrap. But either way eggs need to be cooked first, cooled off and only after that insert an egg in a wrapper and dunk it in a hot water for one second.

easter eggs in plastic wrapper ukraine uriousua com photo olena yanykh

Now your krashenka is ready! When you give it as a gift, you should say, «Christ is risen!» and you’ll be answered: «Risen indeed!».

colored easter eggs ukraine curiousua com photo olena yanykh

There is a tradition to make a fight with krashenka. Take one egg and strike the opponent’s egg with it. The one whose egg does not crack wins and gives the winning egg to the opponent. We wish you to win as many egg fight as possible.

fight with easter eggs ukraine curiousua com photo olena yanykh

Happy Easter!


Translation by Oksana Iocco


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